How SimpleOne Started

The vision for SimpleOne began around 2010 when the founder of SimpleOne, Zack, was working through vacation rental inquires and realized that the time spent to go through the emails was taking exceptionally long to complete. He realized there could be a better way. SimpleOne is a breakthrough in vacation rental technology. SimpleOne is completely useful and time-effective for all types of property rental managers. Through SimpleOne, the software is an all-in-one solution from inquiry to booking. Everything is completed all through one website and for the most part, completed automatically.

Smart & Useful Technology

Booking and vacation rental application software just doesn't cut it. SimpleOne helps with bookings and applications, but doesn't stop there. SimpleOne provides useful information and smart, specific recommendations to help achieve more bookings through your inquiries. SimpleOne has been embraced by vacation rental property owners all throughout the United States. Are you ready for your vacation rentals to work for you? Spend less time focusing on paperwork and more time on closing rental bookings with SimpleOne.

SimpleOne, Inc.
P.O Box 10224
1712 Pioneer Ave Ste 5916
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Cheyenne, WY 82001
P: (310) 929-5576